Venture Sailing Club Application

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MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION(Deadline for Roster Publication: 3/17/16) Annual Dues:  $30.00 payable to Venture Sailing Club of Dallas Send to: 

Paul Heemann, 5124 Del Roy Drive, Dallas, Texas   75229


Skipper _______________________________ First Mate ______________________

(Print Last Name, First Name)                                         (Spouse)

Children (names/ages) ______________________________________________

Home Address: ________________________________________ Apt. __________

City _____________________________             State/Zip ____________________

Home Phone _____________________            Cell Phone ____________________

E-mail __________________________              Birthday ______________________

First Mate E-mail ___________________________

First Mate Cell Phone ____________________    First Mate Birthday ____________________

Boat Make/Model ________________ Name _________________________


Sail # _______ Color of Hull/Deck ________________________________


Trailer (Y/N)? ____ or Slip at Lake _______________________________


Receive newsletter via email (Y/N)? ____

Include phone number on website member list (Y/N)? ____

Include email address on website member list (Y/N)? ____


Interested in: Racing _____ Cruising _____ Other _____

(Please take the time to fill out the survey on the back of this form so we may have knowledge of your interests and comments. Thank you for your time.)


I hereby release and forever discharge Venture Sailing Club of Dallas, its officers, directors, and members from any and all claims, damages, or causes of action of any kind or nature whatsoever on account of injuries both of person and property which result from or may in the future develop from an accident occurring during a club sponsored event in the current year.


Signed ___________________________ Date____________________________




For VSCD use: Membership # _____ Year Joined _____


This club exists solely for the purpose of providing its members with various functions and activities. We need to know what interests you and what you would like to see and do. Please take a few minutes to fill in the short answers to the following questions.


Monthly Meeting


Comments on time and location: ____________________________________




Suggestions for other times and places: _____________________________




Suggestions for programs and/or length: ___________________________




Racing Activities


Which do you prefer? Saturday _____ Sunday_____ Both _____


Semi-Monthly Series _____ Weekend Regattas _____


Short (90 mins.) _____ Medium (2-4 hrs) _____ Long (4+ hrs) _____


What lakes would you like to race on? _________________________________


Cruising Activities


Best lakes to cruise on: ____________________________________________


New lakes to experience: ___________________________________________


Favorite activity at a cruise: _________________________________________


Would you like to see mini cruises? ___________________________________


Social Activities - Please mark areas of interest

 Family activities _____ Fall picnic_____

 Spring picnic _____ Raft ups_____

 Indoor parties _____ Doing nothing on long cruise _____